The Mac Skype client annoys me. It takes a while to startup, and just seems to be a bit on the slow side. The client has a fairly high memory footprint when I am not doing anything: no chats open and no active video or voice calls. Also, that side bar is a massive waste of space. Why not put the contact list there?

So, a couple weeks back I decided to download SkypeKit to make a simple, lightweight, chat-only (for now) Skype client. In its current state, the application can send recieve messages, and start new conversations with a single person. It allows the user can participate in multi-person conversations, but not start them.

So far, this project has been successful: The application starts quickly and consumes ~50-60MB for the runtime and application combined, as opposed to around ~150MB for the official client in simliar usage situations. It doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of functionality as the official client, but it feels way faster.