Goodbye Mochimedia

The Mochimedia Logo

Mochimedia is shutting down after March 31st. On that day, the analytics, advertising, and live updates for thousands (millions?) of flash games will go dark.

I have been using Mochibot and Mochiads since 2007, when I first started making Flash games. At the time I didn’t have my own computer, and I thought that I could make enough money through Flash games to buy one. My first game was terrible. So was the second. And the third. However, I slowly improved, and by 2009 I was able to make some not-so-crappy games, one of which even got sponsored! By 2012 I had even placed in a few contests.

Today my games net around 20 cents a day from Mochiads. However, I don’t really care much about losing this revenue stream. What I’m really going miss is the feeling of checking my game’s stats and seeing a spike in views. I’m going to miss the watching the little progress bar on the dashboard slowly creep up to 100%. I’m even going to miss the arguments about the merits of jigsaw puzzles on the community forums.

Goodbye Mochimedia :(