What I did

camera control
C, Objective-C, Cocoa
Interface Builder


Facilitates the configuration of large arrays of Canon DSLRs for making bullet-time-like captures. This app allows the user to configure the settings of cameras connected to a Mac in bulk by USB. It also allowed bulk download and preview of captures. It does not provide shutter control.

I lucked into working on this project through a friend’s Dad’s connection. If I recall correctly the client had an idea for an app like this and was looking for a programmer. I don’t remember how much I got paid but I recall thinking it was a lot of money and I recall the client thinking it was very little. Everyone won, I suppose.

I was wholly unqualified to work on this, but somehow I was able to produce an app that actually worked. I don’t remember much about the code but I guarantee you it was a mess.

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