What I did

Swift + Objective-C

Work by Others

Game Design
Greg March
Greg March
Jacob Rhein
Jacob Rhein
Temps Perdu Programmer
Daniel Finch
Temps Perdu Designer
Conor Kou
Temps Perdu Additional Programming
David Zeppa

Download on the App Store: Temps Perdu

The Original Game: Temps Perdu

Tempire is based off of a Javascript + HTML5 canvas game called Temps Perdu. It's a pretty sweet browser game. I was not involved in the development of the original.

Quick Technology Overview

Tempire started development in 2013. We originally were using Objective-C, since Swift had not yet been released at the time. When Swift was released, I made the decision to convert the entire project to Swift, mostly so I could learn the new language. This was probably a bad idea, since the compiler was unstable and the some of the libraries had issues for the first few months after its release. The final game is entirely Swift, except for the sound module, which utilizes OpenAL which is easier to use in C.

The game uses Spritekit for graphics, which is much easier to handle than a custom OpenGL renderer for a lightweight 2D game.

Team Members

If you think Tempire is cool, check out the other work by these guys:


I really don't like having my name on the splash screen, but Greg didn't want it to say "The Infinite Room Presents".