I’m really proud of this one: litty

Another Year Gone

It’s been almost 10 years since I created this website.

I took some time today to look back through some of my old posts and projects. Most of what I wrote rates 11/10 on the universal cringe scale. Still, I can’t help but get emotional reading how excited I was about computer-y things (It doesn’t help that I have been listening to George Winston’s December on loop).

shet im getting old

Fallink OpenFL Port

This past week I worked on converting Fallink from AS3 to OpenFL + Haxe in an attempt to get it to run in a browser without needing Flash Player. Performance was initially spotty but after adding some batching to the rendering code, it runs nearly as smoothly as the Flash version. Fonts are also kind of wonky and don’t always load properly in some browsers.

It’s not a perfect port, but considering the low amount of effort it took to convert the code, the results are surprisingly good. It plays well on phones too!

Try the Haxe + OpenFL version.

Try the Flash version.


I took this weekend to fix the layout issues in that have been bothering me for a while. There were so many inconsistencies and places where things weren’t lined up properly. A lot of that is better now.

Gameplay Videos

There are a surprising number of Youtube videos of my games. I compiled a few playlists with them:

Here’s some interesting ones:

I Fight for my Friends

I made a fun website called last October but forgot to post it here.

A Few Small Projects

Today I’m posting two projects that I made and forgot about. The first is a crossword puzzle grid generator I made a little under year ago. The second is a visualization of the distribution of Sochi Olympics Medals, which I made for a data vis class early around March 2014.

Things I am Really Bad At

I recently joined a mobile apps team at Adobe. Now I don’t have to look nice for potential employers, so I can get rid of all the stupid braggy posturing stuff on this site. Maybe. Well, maybe not. Regardless, I thought it’d be cool to write up a list of things I’m bad at to make up for the years of “look‑how‑smart‑I‑am” garbage on this website.

Things I am Really Bad At

I will continue posting stuff like this in the coming months. I’ll try to post some of my janky old projects too.

Fun with k-Means Clustering

K-means Screenshot

Today I made a fun little animated demonstration of k-means clustering, using Lloyd’s algorithm and the Forgy method for initialization. Yes, I found all those fancy sounding terms on Wikipedia, At large point sizes it pretty much generates a Voronoi diagram, which is kind of cool.

Goodbye Mochimedia

The Mochimedia Logo

Mochimedia is shutting down after March 31st. On that day, the analytics, advertising, and live updates for thousands (millions?) of flash games will go dark.

I have been using Mochibot and Mochiads since 2007, when I first started making Flash games. At the time I didn’t have my own computer, and I thought that I could make enough money through Flash games to buy one. My first game was terrible. So was the second. And the third. However, I slowly improved, and by 2009 I was able to make some not-so-crappy games, one of which even got sponsored! By 2012 I had even placed in a few contests.

Today my games net around 20 cents a day from Mochiads. However, I don’t really care much about losing this revenue stream. What I’m really going miss is the feeling of checking my game’s stats and seeing a spike in views. I’m going to miss the watching the little progress bar on the dashboard slowly creep up to 100%. I’m even going to miss the arguments about the merits of jigsaw puzzles on the community forums.

Goodbye Mochimedia :(