Fallink (OpenFL Port)

A Flash-less Fallink ported using OpenFL and Haxe.

Distance Field Regions

An experiment with using signed distance fields to bound particles into regions.

I Fight for my Friends

Quotes from the most loyal smash fighter.


An iOS game written in Swift using Sprite Kit.

Crossword Puzzle Grid Maker

A tool for making simple crossword puzzle grids.

Sochi Olympic Games Medal Visualization

A visualization of how the medals were distributed at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.


A web app for exploring Steam Economy data.

Dynamical Systems Visualizer

This application facilitates the exploration of the relationship between the parameter space and state space of a dynamical system.

Fluid Simulator

A cool fluid simulator I made for CMPS 160.

Lightweight Skype Client

A lightweight Skype client that I never finished.


An application for managing large camera arrays.


The showcase for Fallink, a simple, relaxing Flash game.

Derpatron 3000

The best-named game in existence.


A game where you shoot missiles at stuff.

Flash Raytracer

A janky raytracer written in Actionscript 3.

Lorenz Attractor

A simple Lorenz attractor simulation.

Hydralisk Origami

A simple, but still cool, Hydralisk origami model.

Firefly/Serenity Origami

The coolest Firefly origami model in the 'verse.

Perpetual Blaze

A showcase for Perpetual Blaze.


Jellyman, the only game where you can become frustrated by guiding a flying piece of jelly.

Elastic Collision

An elastic collision simulation between circles.

Simple Physics Engine

A simple physics simulation with verlet integration.

CG Artwork

A showcase of my "wonderful" artwork.